"When Their Panties're Moist, We'll Give 'Em The Finale": One Stud's…

Paul Solotaroff, the guy with the pecs in the above photo, lived through the age of muscle, which on one notable occasion found our hero shimmying for horny Long Island women, his dick in a Star of David rayon sling. » 8/20/10 12:50pm 8/20/10 12:50pm

Tim Layden Bids Farewell To Brett Favre With Some Sexy Slash Fiction

There are two noble conventions of football journalism that will fall by the wayside should Brett Favre elect to sit his old ass down for good. The first is of the Werder-Mortensen "Sources: Favre eats soup" variety. And the second? » 1/26/10 12:10pm 1/26/10 12:10pm

Queering In The Press Box

Michael Silver: "By midway through the third quarter ... I was ready to take the Atlanta Falcons quarterback up to Gavin Newsom's box on the west side of the stadium and ask the San Francisco mayor to marry us." [Yahoo!] » 10/12/09 5:00pm 10/12/09 5:00pm

BREAKING: Mark Sanchez Makes New York Ladies Swoon

The Jets golden boy quarterback is pretty nifty with the football, but did you know that he is also considered to be physically attractive? You do now, thanks to this hard hitting investigative report, "Mark Sanchez: Hot or Not?" » 10/07/09 11:10am 10/07/09 11:10am