The Golf Boys Have Returned To Rap Horribly At You

It was almost two years ago that the Golf Boys—a group consisting of PGA pros Bubba Watson, Hunter Mahan, Ben Crane, and Rickie Fowler—released "Oh Oh Oh" onto the world. Their follow up, cleverly titled "2.Oh," sees the Golf Boys taking a huge leap forward in production value while bringing the white-golfers-rapping… » 3/04/13 12:35pm 3/04/13 12:35pm

Hunter Mahan Compares Playing on the U.S. Ryder Cup Team to Being a…

It's a good thing golf doesn't have a reputation as being an elitist sport featuring out-of-touch, rich players. Wait... Hunter Mahan is a 26 year old professional golfer from Orange, California who will likely be a member of the Ryder Cup team. In a wide-ranging critique of the Ryder Cup, Mahan's analogies became a… » 7/30/08 12:30pm 7/30/08 12:30pm