MLB Umpire Hunter Wendelstedt Sat Down For A Pre-Game Interview

MLB umpires rarely sit down with the media, however umpire Hunter Wendelstedt gave Todd Kalas a peek into this year's biggest game changer – the instant replay. Instead of being salty that technology was taking part of his job, Wendelstedt praised the positive impacts that instant replay has made on the game. » 9/03/14 12:00am 9/03/14 12:00am

Adam Jones Takes Out Umpire While Running To Second Base

Umpire Hunter Wendelstedt took a hard fall during Saturday's Blue Jays/Orioles game when Baltimore outfielder Adam Jones went for second base on an error. Ow. » 6/15/14 3:40pm 6/15/14 3:40pm

Better Know An Umpire: Hunter Wendelstedt

Welcome to Better Know An Umpire, an effort to educate ourselves on the human elements who have ultimate decision-making power over some 2,500 Major League Baseball games a year. (All cumulative statistics are through the 2011 season, unless otherwise stated.) » 7/04/12 2:00pm 7/04/12 2:00pm

Let's All Admire Umpire Hunter Wendelstedt's Rather Large Human Element

What you see here, courtesy of Brooks Baseball, is a plot of Hunter Wendelstedt's whimsical strikezone from yesterday's Yankees-Twins game. The red marks were called strikes; the green ones were balls. No, that's not how a strikezone is supposed to look. » 10/08/10 4:25pm 10/08/10 4:25pm