Here's Video Evidence That Lolo Jones's Teammates Straight Up Do Not Like Her

When we last talked about the Lolo Jones backlash, it was easy to get the impression that the New York Times had gone rogue, drumming up an antagonism where none truly existed, and repackaging quotes from Jones's teammates and an "expert" to serve as a mouthpiece for their own gripes. » 8/08/12 12:10pm 8/08/12 12:10pm

What Did Lolo Jones Ever Do To The New York Times?

This morning's New York Times sports section has an article about Lolo Jones, the virgin hurdler you're probably somewhat aware of (if not, see here), titled, "For Lolo Jones, Everything Is Image." The thrust of the article is that the attention the media has lavished on Jones is not commensurate with her achievement,… » 8/05/12 11:07am 8/05/12 11:07am