The Bachelor Party For One William F. Leitch Begins Now ...

Who among the chosen shall die? Will it be David Hirshey? Tommy Craggs? Half the's editorial staff? Stay tuned for the obits on Monday. » 4/30/10 6:15pm 4/30/10 6:15pm

Why Latest Tiger Madam Could Be Full of Crap: The Manning Files

So for tonight's Eagles/Giants showdown, I figured this would be the best time to drop this snippet of scurrilous rumor courtesy of that opportunistic madam, Michelle Braun, who keeps insisting some of Tiger's mistresses are whores from her agency. » 12/13/09 6:00pm 12/13/09 6:00pm

Chaos In Tigerland: A Deadspin Investigation Into The Sexual Habits Of…

Here's a story about three women and their relationships with Tiger Woods. One is a porn star you haven't met. The other two are rumored mistresses, but they're really much more important than that. Welcome to Tigerland. » 12/08/09 11:30am 12/08/09 11:30am

Horndog Hero David Berson Rumored Leaving ESPN (Kissing Suzy Update)

Bristol justice is swift. Programming VP David Berson, known around these parts as the man who was engaged in a long-time affair with Kate Lacey, is apparently leaving ESPN. This may or may not be related to his horndoggedness. » 11/20/09 1:40pm 11/20/09 1:40pm

ESPN Horndog Dossier: The Glossary And Denouement (JED DRAKE UPDATE)

We'll end this scandal-ridden ride on the back of the scorpion with a more general story about the behavior many ESPN employees past and present engage in as part of the "travel" crew. And where's there's road, there is beef. » 10/21/09 7:02pm 10/21/09 7:02pm

ESPN Horndog Dossier: Kate Lacey

Who? Exactly. Lacey, SVP of Marketing for ESPN, was a popular subject in our tips box dating back to last year. Why? Why do people despise this woman so much? » 10/21/09 3:52pm 10/21/09 3:52pm

ESPN Horndog Dossier: Erik Kuselias (UPDATED)

Who? Right. Exactly. But Mr. Kuselias, as tiny an orb as he may be in the ESPN galaxy, has solidified his reputation as "the biggest douchebag in the place," according to multiple sources. But what about that sex-harassment thing? » 10/21/09 2:10pm 10/21/09 2:10pm

ESPN: The Worldwide Leader In Sexual Depravity

On September 9, we received a tip. Subject: "S. Phillips." The contents? "Rumor winding it's way around the hallowed halls of the WWL is that Steve Phillips is getting canned tomorrow for an offense on par with Harold Reynold's misdeed." » 10/21/09 12:15pm 10/21/09 12:15pm

More Commenting Changes Are Afoot: Wake Up And Read On...

Good morning, early risers/late night partiers. It's going to be a hectic, confusing day here at Deadspin (and most of Gawker media's sites) because, once again, they're dicking around with the comments recipe. Let's chop it up. » 10/15/09 7:05am 10/15/09 7:05am

Sean Salisbury Gets The Final Word. I Think.

I was as riveted/disturbed as most of you were by the real-time temper tantrums of former ESPN football analyst Sean Salisbury and the ensuing potential legal ramifications of such an event. It's new territory for everyone. But Sean insisted. » 9/24/09 4:50pm 9/24/09 4:50pm

Your Profanity-Laced Tirades Will Now Be Taken Under Advisement

So: For those of you concerned, upset, distraught, FURIOUS, over the new commenting policy there's an email box for you to send those fiery » 6/01/09 12:35pm 6/01/09 12:35pm