MLS Couldn't Dig Itself Out Of The Snow Or Its Own Ass [UPDATE]

The weather had already shafted DC United. The higher seed, they lost homefield advantage when MLS switched the legs of their home-and-home with the Red Bulls because the New York area was still cleaning up after Hurricane Sandy. It wasn't fair, and United fans were pissed, but it's hard to see that there was any… »11/08/12 4:35pm11/08/12 4:35pm

Andray Blatche Ran Out Of Gas On A New Jersey Highway After The Nets Game Last Night

The Nets won their home-opener in Brooklyn last night amidst chants from a capacity crowd. The win itself was a little lackadaisical-remember how everyone wondered whether Deron Williams would go back to defending his position now that the Nets are good? Kyle Lowry had 28, 8 and 8-but it was a win, and Nets newcomer… »11/04/12 9:15am11/04/12 9:15am

These Assholes Are Flipping Off Cameras Because They're Mad That The Marathon Was Postponed

This picture via @AshleyKMayo, from the NYC Marathon track, where some runners are apparently jogging the official marathon route despite the postponement of tomorrow's race. Mayo reports that other runners-following the marathon's route today despite the marathon having been postponed for the express reason that,… »11/03/12 10:40am11/03/12 10:40am

Yep, Some Movie Or TV Show Being Filmed With The Use Of Generators In A Manhattan Neighborhood Still Without Power [UPDATED: Looks like it's an SNL skit]

The photo above was sent to us by a Manhattan resident who's still without power. It was taken at approximately 5 p.m. yesterday. That's Xavier High School, which is located on 16th Street in Chelsea. Says our tipster, who lives across the street and shot this from the 15th Street side: »11/02/12 12:32pm11/02/12 12:32pm

Hurricane Sandy Threw Pieces Of Cleveland Municipal Stadium Out Of Lake Erie

When Cleveland Municipal stadium was demolished in 1996, the wreckage was deposited into Lake Erie and used to build three artificial reefs. According to Tremont Electric, The bits of debris in the photo above are pieces of the old stadium that were washed ashore by Hurricane Sandy. There's your centerpiece for the… »11/02/12 12:14pm11/02/12 12:14pm