A Not-Entirely-Constructive Exchange With Yahoo's NCAA Scandal Hunter, Charles Robinson

A few months ago, I had an angry but illuminating exchange on Facebook with Charles Robinson, author of Tuesday's big Yahoo hoo-hah about the Miami Hurricanes. The topic then was Jim Tressel, but it might as well have been Miami or Reggie Bush or any of the many subjects of big Yahoo hoo-hahs over the years. I'd… »8/19/11 12:13pm8/19/11 12:13pm

Former Miami Walk-On Calls Out The NCAA's Hypocritical Racket

"The NCAA has duped people into believing this multibillion-dollar industry is pursued for the sake of amateurism. It's a total sham. The coaches aren't amateurs, the administrators aren't amateurs, the corporate sponsors and media companies aren't amateurs. The only 'amateurs' involved are the guys doing all the… »8/18/11 5:15pm8/18/11 5:15pm

The Hidden Victim Of Yahoo Sports' Miami Report: Former Florida Guard Teddy DuPay

Yesterday's Yahoo Sports dressing-down of The U included all the usual NCAA hand-wringing: illegal cars, strippers, and cash. We got a little excited because stripper abortions and bowling Donna Shalala were involved. (Anytime there's an investigation this big, there has to be the littlest bit of something interesting… »8/17/11 3:05pm8/17/11 3:05pm

Two Fellows Very Surprised By The Miami Allegations: Luke Campbell And Al Golden

Nevin Shapiro, even behind bars, takes pride in the fact that Miami players referred to him as "Little Luke." Not because he so horny, but because he so generous with his money when it came to taking care of the Hurricanes. Naturally, the first place we look to for reaction this morning is to Big Luke. »8/17/11 12:40pm8/17/11 12:40pm