The University Of Washington Has Put Twitter Restrictions On Media Members

Are you a college basketball or football writer who constantly tweets while covering games? Cut that shit out when you're at the University of Washington. The university has implemented limitations on tweeting about football and basketball games, because...well, we're not really sure. No media members had been warned… »11/13/12 1:20pm11/13/12 1:20pm


Jim Nantz Predictably Overdoes It With The Dog Puns

To be fair to Worst Man Jim Nantz, we understand that a Huskies-Bulldogs final is a bit like Christmas for him. A Christmas trimmed with multiple opportunities for insufferable references to dogs and winning. And so when the buzzer sounded, Nantz dropped three dog puns in under 20 seconds. It was either that he'd… »4/05/11 11:00am4/05/11 11:00am

Remember When UConn Won A Title, And They Wanted You To Narc On The Rioting Students?

It was just seven short years ago that the Dean asked the UConn community to email him at with the identities of those tipping cars and starting fires in the great Storrs Conflagration of '04. The school had posted the photos stolen from Facebook, in an all-time shady move. It would be totally… »4/04/11 10:15am4/04/11 10:15am