Again: Bryce Harper's Misplay Was A Blooper, Not An Act Of Heroism

On the wide spectrum of people running face first into walls, Bryce Harper's crash the other night probably fell somewhere between Gus Frerotte and Larry, Curly, and Moe Howard. Harper is an enormously entertaining player who will do many amazing, effortful things in what we hope will be a very long career. That… »5/15/13 11:55am5/15/13 11:55am


Philadelphia Lazily Goes Through The Motions Of Complaining That Jimmy Rollins Doesn't Hustle

Sure, the Philadelphia Phillies, with their $173 million payroll, are 10 games under .500 and scrambling to catch the Mets for third place in the division. They have an OPS+ of 89 and only one position player on the active roster who was born after 1983. But they're unafraid to confront the real problem with the… »8/17/12 4:20pm8/17/12 4:20pm