The Cockiest Way To End A Smash Bros. Match

Last weekend, a Smash Bros. event called Shockwave 11 went down. And during a Grand Final match with two impressive players, we saw what is probably a master class in swagger. » 12/23/14 7:57pm 12/23/14 7:57pm

Smash Bros.' Most Famous Moment, Explained

Six years ago, a clip of a Smash Bros. match titled "WOMBO COMBO!!!!" was uploaded to YouTube. It showed three Fox characters and one Captain Falcon in Melee—nothing that sounds out of the ordinary. Except the clip has been watched over five million times. » 12/08/14 1:34pm 12/08/14 1:34pm

A Hurricane Is Coming

How do you know when to trust someone when they say "a hurricane is coming?" Should you only trust the NWS? Television weatherpeople? Your favorite Gawker weather blogger? All too often, people don't care where they get their weather information, and that's a huge problem. » 8/20/14 9:10am 8/20/14 9:10am

Boxing's Great White Hope Problem; Or, Why The Fuck Was Mike Lee In A…

During last night's Super Bowl, one professional boxer appeared in a commercial. It was not Floyd Mayweather, and it was not Manny Pacquiao, though they are the two highest-earning athletes in all of sports. It was not any champion of any weight division at all. It was Mike Lee, a mediocre light heavyweight with only… » 2/04/13 5:10pm 2/04/13 5:10pm

According To ESPN, Baylor Has Recruited The NBA's Next All-Time Leading…

Baylor may have missed the Final Four this year, but there's good news for the Bears on the recruiting front, according to ESPN's RecruitingNation. Unbelievably good news: » 3/26/12 4:57pm 3/26/12 4:57pm

Here's Video Of "Possibly The Best Defender In The NFL" Taking a Ball…

As of this dispatch, the Jets are down 20-10 to the mighty Detroit Lions. Was this foretold in pregame warmups? » 11/07/10 3:38pm 11/07/10 3:38pm

And On The Fourth Day, Bryce Harper Homered

Here's the Chosen One, taking some weak Arizona Western stuff deep in his fourth game as a collegian. Watch closely and you might see the ball transmute into pure light somewhere over Lake Mead. [YouTube, Las Vegas Review-Journal] » 2/01/10 5:20pm 2/01/10 5:20pm

The Holy Child Will Have To Wait A Little Longer To Begin Speaking Only…

Brilliant beacon of blinding light Bryce Harper picked up his first collegiate hit in only his second at-bat. Too bad no-one is allowed to discuss it! I haven't seen lips this tight since, like, an hour ago. [The Nationals Enquirer] » 1/30/10 1:40pm 1/30/10 1:40pm

No Pressure On Sixth-Grade Basketball Recruit

The New York Times is concerned about the hype that recruiters place on young sixth grade athletes. You know what would definitely help with that? A feature story in The New York Times! » 3/10/09 12:45pm 3/10/09 12:45pm