What If Joe Paterno Was Innocent? Hypothetical Dialogues From A Dark Time At Penn State

Circumstantially, the Jerry Sandusky case keeps getting worse and worse for Joe Paterno. Circumstantially. This past weekend, CNN described an email that Penn State's now-former athletic director, Tim Curley, allegedly sent to other university officials in 2001, canceling plans to report Sandusky to the Pennsylvania… »7/02/12 5:19pm7/02/12 5:19pm


What Would A 16-Man NBA One-On-One Tournament Look Like?

Back in February, right after Blake Griffin did that car-dunking thing, I talked with Craggs about doing a post outlining a potential 16-man one-on-one NBA tournament. This is because when you have to bring out a fucking car as a dunking prop, your dunk contest has probably outlived its usefulness. Without props,… »5/05/11 5:00pm5/05/11 5:00pm