A TV Camera Caught A Woman Either Scratching Or Fondling Herself After Sunday's Pistons-Clippers Game

Here's a little something that may or may not be eligible for our C-Roll stash, and it comes to us from those intrepid sleaze merchants over at Busted Coverage. Keep your eye on the woman in red in the video above, which was recorded just after Sunday's Pistons-Clippers game. I'm not sure who narrated this, but… »3/21/12 12:16pm3/21/12 12:16pm


I-Team: Help Us Identify The Poor Woman Who Was Hit In The Face With A Baseball

We led off this morning with a photo of the woman who had the misfortune of having a foul ball ricochet off her face at last night's Yankees-Orioles game. We hear she (thankfully) has not been seriously injured. But we'd like your assistance in identifying who she is. Video of the incident is above. Please direct… »8/30/11 3:00pm8/30/11 3:00pm