The IAAF's New President Is On Nike's Payroll

Brit Sebastian Coe, better known to friends and family as Lord Coe, was voted in as the president of the International Association of Athletics Federations over the only other contender, Russian Sergey Bubka. For the past eight years, Coe has been an IAAF vice-president, and also takes credit for putting on the 2012… »8/20/15 3:00pm8/20/15 3:00pm

Dutee Chand's Victory is Not A Victory For Fairness

The Court of Arbitration for Sports, the final word on disputes in Olympic sports, threw out the baby with the bathwater. I’m talking about the recent CAS decision to allow Indian sprinter Dutee Chand (above) to compete again. Chand was banned from competition last year because she is hyperandrogenic—her body… »8/18/15 7:17pm8/18/15 7:17pm

Never Mind That Last-Minute $37M Doha Paid To Win The IAAF Championships

Last week, Doha, Qatar was named the host city for the 2019 IAAF Track and Field World Championships, beating out Eugene, Oregon, and Barcelona, Spain. Now it emerges that the Doha bid offered up about $37 million in "incentives" in the minutes before the vote, and the IAAF wants everyone to know there's nothing wrong… »11/25/14 3:50pm11/25/14 3:50pm

IAAF, IOC: Indian Woman Not Woman Enough To Compete In Track

Approaching the 2014 Commonwealth Games in July, India announced that it had pared the provisional list of its national track and field team from 41 to 32. Six of the athletes cut were from the men's 4-by-100 relay team, which was complete crap; another was a controversial triple jumper. But only after prodding by the… »10/07/14 4:34pm10/07/14 4:34pm