Ian Desmond Solves The Yips, Personifies Irony, Is Screwed

After starting the season with eight errors in the Nationals’ first 15 games, Ian Desmond’s adventurous play at shortstop has mostly leveled off, to the enormous relief of his teammates and the mild disappointment of fans of slapstick comedy. Two months later he’s sitting on 14 errors, all but ending any hope of… »6/16/15 3:25pm6/16/15 3:25pm

Ian Desmond Is A Special Kind Of Disaster Over At Shortstop

Here are some things Ian Desmond has going for him: he’s been an All-Star; he’s won three consecutive Silver Slugger awards at shortstop, fewer in total than only Barry Larkin (9), Cal Ripken Jr. (8), Alex Rodriguez (7), and Derek Jeter (5); he’s twice been a Gold Glove finalist; he’s the only player in baseball to… »4/23/15 3:56pm4/23/15 3:56pm

You Know Spring Training Is Here When You Read Sentences Like "Denard Span Said He Started Screaming And Making Noises To Discourage The Bird"

There is no baseball, no real, meaningful baseball for another 44 days. But the dead zone of the sports calendar has quickened considerably by the advent of spring training. Camps in Arizona and Florida stir to life, as co-workers who haven't seen each other since September get back together for some stretching. »2/15/13 3:20pm2/15/13 3:20pm