Ian Kinsler Homers, Mocks His Former Teammates

Remember when Tigers second baseman Ian Kinsler turned his ESPN The Magazine profile into a platform from which to hurl molotov cocktails at his former team, the Texas Rangers, after he was traded to Detroit? It does not appear that time has done much to erode the animosity that Kinsler feels toward his former club. » 6/25/14 9:56am 6/25/14 9:56am

Ian Kinsler On Rangers GM: "Daniels Is A Sleazeball"

Every year, when spring training starts up, you know you're in for a certain number of stories about the aging veteran, starting over and trying to prove himself. What distinguishes ESPN The Magazine's new entry in the genre, a profile of Ian Kinsler, is that he comes off as utterly unhinged. » 3/04/14 12:11pm 3/04/14 12:11pm

MLB.com Reader Predicted Prince Fielder-Ian Kinsler Trade Last Week

Prince Fielder and Ian Kinsler swapped teams last night for this MLB offseason's first substantial transaction. If we had listened to this Rangers fan last week, though, we'd have already known about it. » 11/21/13 8:10pm 11/21/13 8:10pm

Detroit Is Trading Prince Fielder To Texas For Ian Kinsler

Everyone is now reporting that the Tigers have traded slugger first baseman (and, didjaknow, baseball's reigning Iron Man?) Prince Fielder to the Rangers for second baseman Ian Kinsler. » 11/20/13 10:50pm 11/20/13 10:50pm

John Lackey's Two-Pitch Debut Was Inspiring

What's with pitchers throwing at Ian Kinsler? First it was Bobby Jenks' $750 high heat, and now Angels' starter John Lackey decided the Rangers' second baseman needed a good plunking. » 5/17/09 1:19pm 5/17/09 1:19pm

Bobby Jenks: "Yeah, I Was Throwing At That Guy"

Say what you want about Bobby Jenks—and I've muttered some pretty nasty things about him under my breath—at least he's refreshingly honest about his decision to throw a pitch behind Ian Kinsler's back. » 5/11/09 1:30pm 5/11/09 1:30pm