Let's Try Chips Ahoy! Ice Cream Creations, A Dessert-Flavored Dessert

Remember ice cream? Oh man, ice cream. There are so many wonderful things to remember about ice cream, but first and foremost—more than the carnival of flavors and colors; the various zany, luxurious toppings and swirls; the fun presentations (Sundae! Banana split! Ice cream cone! Ice cream cake! Root beer… »3/08/14 1:00pm3/08/14 1:00pm

It's Settled: "Lin-Sanity" Ice Cream Flavor Deemed Racistly Delicious, Ben & Jerry's Apologizes

First, Ben & Jerry's hopped on the Jeremy Lin bandwagon with its "Taste the Lin-Sanity" flavor, featuring crumbled up fortune cookies. Then Ben & Jerry's took a few steps back and swapped the fortune cookies out for waffle pieces after a "bit of an initial backlash" about the fortune cookies. The main reason for the… »2/26/12 4:10pm2/26/12 4:10pm

Racist, Or Racistly Delicious? Ben & Jerry's New "Lin-Sanity" Flavor Features Fortune Cookie Pieces

Available only at their Harvard Square location, Ben & Jerry's is selling a limited edition "Taste The Linsanity" flavor, which includes delicious little crumbles of fortune cookie. This, despite the Asian American Journalists Association's clear warning that there's no "compelling reason to draw a connection between… »2/24/12 2:30pm2/24/12 2:30pm

More From The C-Roll Stash: Boobs And People With Boobs Eating Ice Cream (NSFW)

The origins of the C-Roll, from which we've been posting excerpts all week, are a bit of a mystery. We know, thanks to our anonymous contributor, that the video had "been passed around throughout the years" and added to by various production assistants and cameramen. Somewhere along the way, though, one of those… »9/21/11 8:00pm9/21/11 8:00pm