A Treasure Trove Of Synchronized Ice Skaters Freaking The Hell Out

Remember the Starlights, the super fucking excited ice skaters that we couldn't stop watching earlier this week? If you enjoyed their enthusiasm, you will also enjoy this compilation video of other synchronized ice skating teams flipping out after seeing their scores. Synchronized ice skaters are my new favorite… » 4/18/14 4:05pm 4/18/14 4:05pm

The laws of physics turned these pretty ice skaters into ugly derps

Sad and Useless has a collection of ridiculous pictures of figure ice skaters deformed by their crazy pirouettes at Sochi. Look at their beautiful motion getting frozen into a horrible derpy freak show, all thanks to physics. » 2/17/14 3:58pm 2/17/14 3:58pm

What The Hell Is Team Figure Skating?

For the first time since 1976, there's a new figure skating event at the Olympics. Let's learn about the "Mixed Team" competition before NBC has to condescendingly explain it to you. » 2/08/14 9:30am 2/08/14 9:30am

Tara Lipinski Channels "The Dude" In Lebowski-Themed Skating Routine

It's been 16 years since figure skater Tara Lipinski won gold at the Nagano Olympics, but by the looks of this routine she did on the Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, she's still got it. » 2/04/14 12:30pm 2/04/14 12:30pm

Minneapolis Reporter, Live From Scene Of Ice Rink Opening, Faceplants

It's apparently getting cold in some places, or in the case of Minneapolis, it was already cold. Either way, the John Rose Minnesota skating oval is open over in Roseville, and KMSP reporter M.A. Rosko was on the scene this morning to test it out with her face. » 11/20/13 2:35pm 11/20/13 2:35pm

British Figure Skater Says He Isn't Leaving TV Show For Career In Gay…

A British newspaper reported that Dancing on Ice "hunk" Stuart Widdall will be taking his talents away from the British television show and giving them to the world of "hardcore gay porn." » 12/11/10 5:00pm 12/11/10 5:00pm

MLB.com Knows Who Its True Fans Are

Far be it from us to tell MLB.com how to maximize its revenue streams — certainly they're doing a fine enough job on that themselves, hardcore baseball fans be damned — but we found it rather surprising, all told, about this newest synergistic connection. » 1/26/07 3:00pm 1/26/07 3:00pm