This Year, Iditarod Mushers Will Be Peeing Themselves Mid-Race With The Help Of Science

The Iditarod kicked off over the weekend, and it'll be more than a week before even the best mushers complete the race. That 1000-mile trek through the Alaskan wilds is tough enough, even without having to take bathroom breaks at rest-stop Hardees or pee off the back of your sled, giggling as the stream crystalizes… »3/05/13 6:40pm3/05/13 6:40pm

Badass 25-Year-Old Becomes Youngest Iditarod Winner Ever

Give credit to Dallas Seavey. Not only did this former high school wrestling champion beat out more than 60 other teams to become the youngest winner of the Iditarod in history, but he also crushed his 52-year-old father and 74-year-old grandfather, who finished way in back of the pack. I guess when you're mushing… »3/14/12 12:25am3/14/12 12:25am

Sweet Lincoln's Mullet! The Sarah Palin Sportscast Video Is Here

Sorry to barge in on your holiday weekend — for God's sake, put on some pants — but I just got back from he movies and found this great video in a basket on my doorstep. It's the one we've all been waiting for »8/30/08 8:30pm8/30/08 8:30pm, a gift from the cold, desolate North: A sportscast featuring presumptive Republican Vice Presidential…