Indoor Football League Owner Says His Team Was Too Good For The Rest Of The League, So He Released All His Players

Remember the Indoor Football League? A few weeks ago, we told you about the Omaha Beef and how they wouldn't be taking part in the playoffs because their owners didn't feel like paying to send the team to South Dakota to play. Then we told you about how the undefeated Sioux Falls Storm would be without their head… »7/18/12 3:35pm7/18/12 3:35pm


The Indoor Football League Suspended A Coach Because His Team Gave A Player A Ride In A 27-Year-Old Van

The Indoor Football League is quickly becoming my favorite professional sports league, though I use the term "professional" very, very loosely. Last week we told you how the Omaha Beef would miss the IFL playoffs because they're owned by the league, and the league decided the Beef's participation wouldn't be worth it… »6/25/12 5:55pm6/25/12 5:55pm

Why Did Terrell Owens Really Get Cut By His Indoor Football Team?

Yes, yes, it's fun to believe, and goes perfectly with every T.O. stereotype we have, that Terrell Owens was released by the Allen (Texas) Wranglers because he's just too much of a diva. And it's probably true—Owens is kind of a selfish jerk who was dicking around in the IFL for some quick cash and the opportunity to… »5/29/12 7:25pm5/29/12 7:25pm