A Final Moment Of Sportsmanship At Euro 2012, As Spanish Goalkeeper…

For a tournament that began with more than its fair share of racism and fan violence, Euro 2012 ended on a note more in line with the spirit of the game. Already down 2-0, Italy lost its last sub to injury, and conceded another pair of goals with just 10 men. In stoppage time, cameras caught Spanish goalkeeper and… » 7/03/12 9:40am 7/03/12 9:40am

Real Madrid's Iker Casillas Wiped His Boogers On A Child's Face

Real Madrid's Champions League first leg against APOEL was three days ago, but video is only now emerging of the most exciting thing to happen in that mismatch: Real keeper Iker Casillas wiping his nose, then wiping his hand on the face of one of those kids who lead the players onto the pitch. Never wash that face… » 3/30/12 11:45am 3/30/12 11:45am