That $5,000 Football "Signed By American Presidents" Is The Most Damning Of Jesse Jackson Jr.'s Alleged Illicit Spoils

If the federal case against him is accurate, Jesse Jackson Jr. is taking a fall in part because of his covetousness for a "football signed by American Presidents" valued at $5,000. The former U.S. Congressman from Illinois and a conspirator are accused of fraudulently raising campaign funds and using the money "for… »2/16/13 1:30pm2/16/13 1:30pm

Once Again Northwestern Wins Nth Women's Lacrosse Title in N+1 Years

The women's lacrosse team from Northwestern University out-lacrossed the women's lacrosse team from Syracuse University on Sunday to win the program's seventh national title in eight years, a laudable feat of consistent ass-kicking that becomes all the more impressive when you consider the key word "Northwestern."… »5/28/12 11:33am5/28/12 11:33am

Drew Bledsoe Is A Big Fan Of Caddyshack, Filming Televised Nose Pickers With His Camera Phone

Although we have better resources for providing high quality video from sporting even broadcasts, we figured we'd share this with you. That's because the Zapruder to this head shot was (apparently) Drew Bledsoe. »1/01/12 11:15am1/01/12 11:15am

As you can see, not only is Drew just hangin' with some buds, laughin' and watchin' some pigskin, he…

The Only Entertaining Thing To Come Out Of The Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl Was Also The Most Heartwarming

As part of the Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl, players from Illinois spent two and half hours feeding the homeless at St. Anthony's Dining Room in San Francisco. They also spent at least two minutes and eleven seconds breaking it down with this wheelchair-bound gentleman. Look at that guy go! »12/31/11 7:58pm12/31/11 7:58pm