Illinois AD On Coach He Just Rehired: "It's Not Ideal"

Illinois ended their football season with a 24-14 loss to in-state rival Northwestern yesterday. At 5-7, they won’t make a bowl game, but the school re-upped the contract of head coach Bill Cubit after the loss for two more years. Illinois’ interim athletic director Paul Kowalczyk was, uh, not enthused about it: »Today 2:31pm11/29/15 2:31pm


The Fighting Illini Ticket Office Chose An Unfortunate Picture To Advertise The Penn State Game

Illinois's ticket office sent this email blast out to its fans early this morning—view the full email online here, while it lasts—as a Valentine's Day promotion. The team beat Purdue by 20 at home last night, and so it's trying to move tickets to its next home game, against the woeful Nittany Lions. That all makes… »2/14/13 10:55am2/14/13 10:55am

“You Realize A Lot Of Things [While In Jail]”: Josh Brent Before The Manslaughter Charge

Until today, when he was arrested and charged with intoxication manslaughter for an overnight accident that killed his friend and longtime teammate Jerry Brown, all outward appearances in the press were that Josh Brent was maturing into a solid NFL pro. That after jeopardizing his career with a misdemeanor DUI charge… »12/08/12 6:15pm12/08/12 6:15pm

How To Freak Out A Ref, By Illini Quarterback Nathan Scheelhaase

Either that referee really didn't want to seem like he had a conflict of interest by high-fiving a player from one of the teams, or he's a germaphobe. Considering it's probably the former, we now know every ref's kryptonite—run after them with your hand up and they'll walk over their own mother to get away from you.… »10/06/12 6:55pm10/06/12 6:55pm

Bruce Pearl’s First Con, And The World That Created A Monster (Deadspin Classic)

Over the weekend, one long-running college basketball feud came to a quiet and friendly conclusion: Jimmy Collins, a former Illinois assistant, finally received an apology from Bruce Pearl, the disgraced former Tennessee coach. As an Iowa assistant in 1989, Pearl had accused Collins of offering money and a Chevy… »4/02/12 1:19pm4/02/12 1:19pm

Bruce Pearl's First Con, And The World That Created A Monster

The first time I met Jimmy Collins was in 2004. I was working on a profile of UW-Milwaukee's ascendant basketball coach Bruce Pearl and had come to Chicago to get the other side of the story. Collins was coaching at the University of Illinois-Chicago, but by that point he was much better known as Pearl's foil, a sort… »3/22/11 4:10pm3/22/11 4:10pm

Fighting Illini Are Everywhere, Even In North Texas's Starting Lineup

None of these gentlemen are actually members of the North Texas Mean Green. They are, from left to right, current and former Illinois players Warren Carter, Jack Ingram, Rich McBride, Demetri McCamey, and Jamar Smith. We'd say it was a glitch or an honest mistake, but those five players have never been on a team… »3/09/11 10:15am3/09/11 10:15am