What Is This Batshit Anti-Nike, Anti-Kevin Durant Website?

This is just one of the many completely insane image macros that can currently be found at townofloveokc.publishpath.com. From what I can gather, this site is run by a crazy person who believes two things very strongly: Nike is an evil, Godless corporation, and Kevin Durant is the devil. » 1/29/15 4:04pm 1/29/15 4:04pm

You Can Totally See Tim Duncan In These Clouds From The Yeezus Tour

A reader, who is not at all crazy and is totally onto something here, just sent us the following email with the above picture attached: » 12/11/13 1:00pm 12/11/13 1:00pm

Area Couple Offended By "Loud, Sexualized, Pagan" Olympics

There is nothing in the world like the letters to the editor section of a small newspaper. Remember the Ohio man who wanted the "bisexual" buckeye removed as the state tree? By definition, the people who write these things have too much time on their hands and a capacity for outrage that only kicks in at age 60. So we… » 8/22/12 11:20am 8/22/12 11:20am

LeBron And Jay-Z Have A Secret Handshake

We regret missing this after the Nets-Heat game on Monday night, but you ought to forgive us because it was a game that involved the New Jersey Nets. LeBron James scored the Heat's final 17 points—Miami outscored Jersey by 12 in the fourth quarter but only won by three—and then shook hands with Nets part-owner Jay-Z.… » 4/18/12 1:42pm 4/18/12 1:42pm