A Cornell Fraternity Pledge Had To Dress Up As Mark Sanchez And Sign Autographs In Town

The graduates of Ivy League schools have been responsible for some of the greatest cons in American history (the Vietnam War, for example). But because Cornell is Cornell, this was the best they could come up with. For "Hell Week"—the week during which fraternity and sorority pledges are subjected to the most visible… »3/28/12 3:15pm3/28/12 3:15pm

Gird Your Loins, Green Bay: Some Dude Is Running Around Town Pretending To Be Brett Favre

We hear completely retired NFL quarterback Brett Favre is pretty revered up in Wisconsin. Especially in the town of Green Bay. Midwesterners are forgiving folks, and they put up with the whole dong-texting and playing-for-the-Vikings thing. So, as you might expect, some dude (pictured above) pretending to be Favre is… »8/21/11 12:15pm8/21/11 12:15pm