Stop Concern-Trolling About Johnny Manziel's Basketball Tickets

There are two ways to look at this brief cut of Thursday night's nationally televised game between the Mavericks and the Heat, in which Steve Kerr proposes that Johnny Manziel ought to be the subject of suspicion because he is ostensibly an unpaid amateur and he was sitting in extremely expensive seats. The first is… »12/22/12 2:35pm12/22/12 2:35pm


Judge: The NCAA Went "Over The Top" In Its Investigation Of USC's Todd McNair Because Of "Ill Will Or Hatred"

The NCAA's "University of Southern California Public Infractions Report," released in 2010, declared not only that Reggie Bush had received improper benefits from a pair of marketing agents during his time at USC, but that there was one man on the USC staff who knew about it: USC assistant coach and ace recruiter Todd… »12/01/12 5:20pm12/01/12 5:20pm

Lance Thomas May Have Bought Improper Jewelry While Starting For Duke's National Championship Team

In 2009, Lance Thomas, then a forward for Duke (now a New Orleans Hornet), bought $97,800 worth of jewelry at Rafaello & Co. in midtown Manhattan; he paid $30,000 upfront and the store expected him to pay off the remaining balance in 15 days. He did not, according to a lawsuit filed by the jeweler and obtained by the… »9/09/12 12:25pm9/09/12 12:25pm

Reports: Jamar Samuels Ineligible Because His Former AAU Coach Gave Him Money Before NCAA Tournament [UPDATE]

The usually angry Frank Martin was reduced to tears this afternoon following his team's loss without Jamar Samuels. According to Topeka-based writer Austin Meek, Martin was without Samuels because his former AAU coach and DC Assault founder, Curtis Malone, sent him money before the NCAA tournament. »3/17/12 6:47pm3/17/12 6:47pm