Canadian Bobsleigher Almost Killed By "Wood In His Buttock"

Chris Spring, an Australian bobsleigher who currently pilots a four man crew for Canada, was recently involved in a nasty crash while training in Germany for the World Cup. Three of the four men were airlifted to the hospital after careening into a crash barrier due, it is believed, to a steering error. Spring, who… »1/07/12 1:00pm1/07/12 1:00pm


Why Hockey Has Gone Totally Gay For The Latest Homophobia Debate

Hockey, for a sport that's nominally proactive in areas ranging from replay to concussions, has never been especially progressive. No one expects the openly gay pro athlete, the inevitable big story for the next decade, to come from the NHL. While other leagues have John Amaechi and Billy Bean and Esera Tuaolo, the… »5/10/11 6:00pm5/10/11 6:00pm