IAAF, IOC: Indian Woman Not Woman Enough To Compete In Track

Approaching the 2014 Commonwealth Games in July, India announced that it had pared the provisional list of its national track and field team from 41 to 32. Six of the athletes cut were from the men's 4-by-100 relay team, which was complete crap; another was a controversial triple jumper. But only after prodding by the… »10/07/14 4:34pm10/07/14 4:34pm

Sub-Continent Rejoices: India Has Their First Gold Medalist After 80 Years of Competing

It's kind of difficult to put into words how unbelievable it is that a country of 1.1 billion people had never won an individual gold medal before. Especially since India has been participating in the Olympics since 1928. In the ensuing 80 years they'd won only four individual medals. None of them gold. That all… »8/12/08 12:45pm8/12/08 12:45pm