Report: Notre Dame Tutor Forced Student-Athletes to Have “Racially-Motivated” Sex With Her Daughter

The University of Notre Dame has fired a female academic coach, the New York Daily News reports, after a student filed a lawsuit against the school on Friday claiming that the tutor had coerced several university football and basketball players into having “racially-motivated” sex with her daughter. »11/02/15 12:17am11/02/15 12:17am


Terrible Pizza Joint To Deny Gay Indiana Residents Terrible Pizza  

You may have heard recently about Indiana's new "religious freedom" law that allows businesspeople to refuse service toward gay folks. Well, as reported by ABC57 news, the good people at Memories Pizza are taking full advantage of that new law, proudly declaring that gays are not encouraged to eat their terrible,… »4/01/15 10:09am4/01/15 10:09am

NCAA Issues Statement Over Indiana Anti-Gay Law, NFL Says Nothing [Update]

Yesterday, in a private ceremony in his office, Indiana Gov. Mike Pence signed into law the state's "religious freedom" bill, which would allow businesses to refuse service to LGBT customers. Numerous local companies and institutions have wasted no time in condemning the law, and that includes the NCAA. »3/27/15 11:33am3/27/15 11:33am

New Rules On Whether Your Son Must Cut His Hair To Play Sports

Forced hair cutting is a right of passage for boys all across the country. If your lax parents don't make you, your school sports team, the military, or potential employers are happy to step in and demand "clean cut" grooming. But apparently that is discriminatory against boys, because nobody requires girls to get… »2/28/14 3:15pm2/28/14 3:15pm

Steve Buscemi Is Producing A Documentary On An Indiana High School Basketball Team

Medora High School has one of the smallest student bodies in the state of Indiana—two years ago, the senior class had just 16 students—and the win/loss record of its boys' basketball team suffers as a result. (A lot.) Yet, in 2009, the team's continued perseverance and tenacity caught the attention of The New York… »4/05/12 11:05pm4/05/12 11:05pm

March Madness Strikes Middle School Hoops: Model Parent Beat Assistant Coach Silly For Disciplining His Daughter

This story comes out of Indiana and you know how crazy they go for basketball out there. Shelly Miller was having a presumably typical, non-violent day before he picked up his daughter after basketball practice at St. Stanislaus School. Then his daughter told him a harrowing story of the assistant coach who forced… »3/17/12 5:05pm3/17/12 5:05pm

Bob Knight Continues His Solo Defamation Crusade Against John Calipari

Bob Knight can't bullwhip his players anymore, and so over the past few years he's redirected his unmitigated anger about college athletics. It now rests squarely on the head of Kentucky basketball pimp John Calipari. On Saturday, Knight spoke to some Hoosiers at a banquet in Wabash, Ind. and claimed that the starting… »4/19/11 2:45pm4/19/11 2:45pm