Hoosiers Coach Tom Crean Is Sweet-Talking Someone—A Recruit, He Says—And It's Creepy

This strange series of events unfolded on Indiana basketball coach Tom Crean's timeline this afternoon. If our tips line is any indication, that clarification in the second tweet ("That was to a new recruit") was a wise move. The first, weirdest tweet has been deleted. We thought we'd leave it here for posterity,… »8/03/12 5:05pm8/03/12 5:05pm


Undercut On Breakaway Dunk Leaves High Schooler Temporarily Paralyzed

Alex Etherington, a 6'5" small forward at Hamilton Heights High School in Indiana, had an open look at the basket just minutes into a game against Peru High on Saturday. The score was just 2-0, but a Peru player still attempted to stop Etherington's dunk attempt with a vicious undercut push from behind. Etherington,… »3/03/11 4:45pm3/03/11 4:45pm