Shia LaBeouf Wants You To Take Him Seriously

Being successful sure is nice, but what everybody really wants is to be taken seriously. Whether it's Woody Allen following up Annie Hall with the dour Interiors, George Michael turning away from the pop stardom of Faith for the confessional Listen Without Prejudice Vol. 1, or Robin Williams deciding that making… » 8/24/12 5:37pm 8/24/12 5:37pm

Who Is This Old Man In My Online Baseball Schedule?

So I'm perusing the Giants schedule on their MLB site and look what I see on May 22. Apparently we're all going to the movies! I expect to see ads on the periphery of my baseball schedule, but within the schedule itself? It's just one small step from that to Doritos ads on players' uniforms. (They're already doing… » 5/05/08 10:48am 5/05/08 10:48am