Paul George Is Practicing Again

Pacers star forward Paul George participated in a full practice with his team for the first time since gruesomely snapping his leg in a FIBA World Cup scrimmage this past summer. There's still no official timetable for when he might be ready to play in a game, but it is possible that he'll be back on the floor before… » 2/27/15 10:26am 2/27/15 10:26am

The 76ers Might Have Also Traded Away Their Heating System [Update]

The Pacers are in Philadelphia to play the 76ers tonight, and they practiced in a frigid arena, because the heat wasn't on, for some reason. Ask Sam Hinkie if he shipped it for an unprotected first-round pick in 2018. » 2/20/15 1:38pm 2/20/15 1:38pm

Roy Hibbert's Attempted Game-Winner Was, Um, Not Good

Roy Hibbert's box score from last night's game against the Lakers is nothing to sneeze at—12 points and 11 rebounds in 29 minutes is ...fine—but the Pacers' giant did not end the game on a high note. » 1/05/15 10:02am 1/05/15 10:02am

Kevin Garnett Successfully Pisses Off David West By Blowing On His Face

Notorious pest Kevin Garnett used a Lance Stephenson special to try and provoke Indiana's David West last night. It was super effective. » 12/28/14 10:03am 12/28/14 10:03am

Where Were You For "Malice At The Palace?"

It was 10 years ago tonight that the Pacers and Pistons came to blows, sparking the strangest, scariest, and still, today, the most improbable NBA happening of our lives. Players fighting fans in the stands; fans fighting players on the court. It was unforgettable. » 11/19/14 9:45am 11/19/14 9:45am

Paul George Recovering Quickly, Already Swishing Jumpers

After Paul George horrifically broke his leg on August 1st, all reports said that he was expected to miss the entirety of the upcoming season. Since that timeframe put George out for at least nine months, it was surprisingly to see him walking at the Pacers media day with only a small limp. Well this video takes it up… » 10/20/14 11:27pm 10/20/14 11:27pm

How Much Did Paul George's Injury Affect The Pacers' Title Chances?

Even as Paul George laid on the parquet of the Thomas & Mack Center, being treated for the stomach-turning break to his right leg, degenerates were just waiting until enough time had passed 1. to talk about it coldly without being Twitter-shamed and 2. for the lines to open up again. Once they did, you would have seen… » 8/04/14 9:05pm 8/04/14 9:05pm

Mark Cuban Suggests An NBA World Cup

Dallas Mavericks owner and naked billionaire Mark Cuban has long been against the NBA's partnership with FIBA and the International Olympic committee, and Paul George's injury in Friday night's Team USA scrimmage gave him another opportunity to rip the current system of international play. » 8/03/14 3:11pm 8/03/14 3:11pm

Lance Stephenson Signs With Charlotte, And The East Gets More Fun

Former Pacers guard/wrestling heel Lance Stephenson signed a three-year, $27 million deal with the Charlotte Hornets early Wednesday morning, significantly weakening last year's No. 1 seed and making Charlotte a little more plucky. » 7/16/14 11:22am 7/16/14 11:22am

The NBA Misplaced A Point For 20 Years

Occasionally, from week to week, a league will go back and adjust the statline in a game. Yu Darvish gives up a hit, or LeBron loses a rebound, or Jamaal Charles loses three yards and everyone in your fantasy league ends up in last place. This is more or less like that, except 20 years after the fact. » 6/25/14 9:08am 6/25/14 9:08am

Evan Turner's Ferrari Ran Out Of Gas On The Highway

The only thing funnier than Evan Turner running out of gas for his Ferrari on the highway is hearing former Ohio State teammate P.J. Hill razz him for it as tries to figure out how gas cans work. » 6/23/14 7:43pm 6/23/14 7:43pm

Dan Le Batard Savages The Pacers And All Of Indiana In His Latest Rant

We've long been fans of Dan Le Batard's rants, which he chooses to unleash whenever the Miami Heat have finished conquering a rival team or city. This year, Le Batard set his sights on the Pacers and the entire state of Indiana, spending nearly 10 minutes gloating over the Heat winning the Eastern Conference title… » 6/02/14 5:26pm 6/02/14 5:26pm

Here's Larry Bird Sticking His Tongue Out At A Miami Fan

Reader Natalie sends along this picture of a salty, yet playful Larry Legend as he watched the Heat destroy his Indiana Pacers last night en route to a fourth straight NBA Finals appearance. » 5/31/14 11:10am 5/31/14 11:10am

Paul George On Bringing Lance Back: [Longest Pause Ever] "I Don't Know"

Lance Stephenson is set to become an unrestricted free agent this summer and he's going about it in just about the worst way possible. He has definitely been fun to watch, like a court jester, but he's probably cost himself some serious cash with all the extracurriculars. And, when he finally does get paid, it's hard… » 5/31/14 9:30am 5/31/14 9:30am

Lance Smacks Norris Cole In The Face, Pacers Bench Reacts

Lance Stephenson was assessed a flagrant 1 for face-palming Norris Cole and, judging by his reaction, teammate Chris Copeland probably agrees with that assessment. » 5/30/14 9:41pm 5/30/14 9:41pm

Last Night Belonged To Crazy-Ass Lance Stephenson

Aside from Paul George's second-half explosion and its madcap ending, last night's game between the Heat and Pacers was pretty damn unwatchable. That's what happens when the best player in the universe has to spend most of the game on the bench with the foul trouble and the Pacers decide to do... whatever the hell it… » 5/29/14 10:42am 5/29/14 10:42am

What's Roy Hibbert's Impact On Defense?

Offensively, Roy Hibbert has been all over the place these playoffs. Well, "all over the place" isn't exactly right, he's paired a couple of good games with many terrible ones, adding his fourth zero-point outing in Monday's loss. But even at his offensive worst, it's important to remember that Hibbert is an… » 5/28/14 7:50pm 5/28/14 7:50pm

Here's A New Attempt At Gauging The Defensive Impact Of NBA Players

The defensive impact of individual NBA players is hard to measure, as it's so intertwined with their teammates' performance. Austin Clemens, undeterred, has taken an ambitious shot with his new Adjusted Impact by Court Location model, which attempts to parse out individual impacts on opponent shot selection (the… » 5/28/14 11:58am 5/28/14 11:58am