The Colts' Trick Play Was Even More Of A Mess Than We Realized

The Indianapolis Colts’ failed “swinging gate” play was one of the goofier and funnier moments in recent memory. But punter Pat McAfee has gone into more detail on what was supposed to happen—and what went horribly wrong—and the intent behind the play makes a little more sense. The execution, however, was even more… »10/20/15 1:29pm10/20/15 1:29pm

Matt Hasselbeck Went From Puking And Pooping To Beating The Texans

What Matt Hasselbeck did was undeniably impressive: overcoming oldness and a “bacterial infection” that hospitalized him earlier this week to lead the Colts to a 27-20 win over the Texans, Indy’s second straight win over a divisional opponent without the services of Andrew Luck. But the Colts appear to be declaring it… »10/09/15 9:18am10/09/15 9:18am

Colts' Senior Citizens' Collective Beats Up On The Jaguars

The last time Matt Hasselbeck started an NFL game, he replaced a hurt Jake Locker in Tennessee in 2012. He wasn’t supposed to see time then, either, already in the “fossilized mentor” stage of his career, which he now occupies in Indianapolis with Andrew Luck. He’s well past his due date, I’m saying. But a shoulder… »10/04/15 5:25pm10/04/15 5:25pm

The Colts Are A Mess Behind The Scenes, Too

The Colts are bad. They’ve faced a pair of excellent defenses in the Bills and Jets, but that doesn’t negate the fact that Indianapolis’s O-line is a sieve, the defense is a grab bag, and all-world QB Andrew Luck has been given aging, retread weapons. Luck, too, looked sub-replacement-level in last night’ 20-7 loss.… »9/22/15 9:24am9/22/15 9:24am

Here Are The Emails That Helped Start Ballghazi  

Like all great soap operas, it’s easy to lose track of where all the drama began. Here, thanks to the massive amount of paper filed by the NFL player’s union in federal court, is a piece of Ballghazi’s birth, first pointed out by the Boston Globe’s Ben Volin. It’s Jan. 17, 2015, and Indianapolis Colts equipment… »8/05/15 2:00am8/05/15 2:00am