Please Do Not Interrupt The Indianapolis Motor Speedway Chairman

IMS chairman Mari Hulman George has been ordering Indy 500 drivers to “start your engines” for longer than most of us have been alive. Today, another woman tried to butt in on her command, Kanye-style. Mari Hulman George wasn’t having any of it, and damn near backhanded the young lady. » 5/24/15 12:52pm 5/24/15 12:52pm

The Indy 500 Has Complete Intolerance For Lactose Intolerance

At the end of the Indy 500, the winner takes a traditional sip of milk, sponsored by the American Dairy Association. And last night we learned they're hardcore on what exactly you're allowed to drink. If you win and are lactose intolerant, be prepared to have to shit like a race horse. » 5/28/14 1:19pm 5/28/14 1:19pm

Indy 500 Winner Tony Kanaan To Reporter: "I'm Gonna Get Hammered"

If race car drivers are good for one thing, it's giving memorable post-race interviews. This one, from Indy 500 winner Tony Kanaan, doesn't share the meandering goofiness of Brad Keselowksi's half-drunk dissertation on believing in oneself, but the two are united in spirit. The spirit of getting hammered. » 5/28/13 10:18am 5/28/13 10:18am

How To Achieve The Perfect Lap: As Told By The World’s Fastest Drivers

Throughout the How To Drive Fast series, I’ve offered opinions based on the experience I’ve amassed during my 17-years behind the wheel. The whole basis of this column is to help you drive faster, and learn the tricks and techniques utilized in the quest for victory. But for this piece, I turned to my friends for… » 3/12/13 1:26pm 3/12/13 1:26pm

Look At These Fucking Loopsters: Chronicling The Indy 500

Some maniac on Twitter is scouring the web and documenting the Indianapolis 500 in picture form this afternoon. Here are a few of the snapshots we found most interesting. The whole thing is a wonderful contemplation on absurdity and Americana, however, so you should check it out throughout the day. Otherwise you… » 5/27/12 3:00pm 5/27/12 3:00pm