The IOC Is Ruining the Olympics, But Rio Could Save Them

The International Olympic Committee is having a bad month. No one wants to host the 2022 Olympics. The organization's obnoxious public haranguing has turned Rio into a media circus. Its World Cup counterpart, FiFA, is being investigated for insane bribery allegations. And ultimately, the IOC has got no one to blame… » 6/06/14 2:57pm 6/06/14 2:57pm

This Guy Had The World's Worst First Day Of Work Ever

Was your first day of work tough? Did you become a human catapult? No? That means your first day of work wasn't tough. » 6/06/14 2:31pm 6/06/14 2:31pm

The Trouble With Rio: Can the City Be Ready By 2016?

With just over two years to go until Rio kicks off the 2016 Olympic Games, Olympic officials are taking stock of how ready Rio really is. The short answer? They're not. But how far behind are its preparations? And can the city possibly catch up in time? » 6/04/14 10:28am 6/04/14 10:28am

Can Sochi Get Its Shit Together?

By all accounts—except maybe Vladimir Putin's—the small Russian resort town of Sochi isn't ready for the Olympics. In fact, coverage of the preparations has taken on a downright panic-stricken tone. Can Sochi pull it out of the flames? The answer is yes—but at a steep cost. » 2/03/14 4:28pm 2/03/14 4:28pm

The Secret Machine War Against Snow Taking Place at the Super Bowl

A war is brewing between machines and snow, and its battle tactics are being studied—rehearsed, practiced, mapped, rerun, and mastered—in the vast parking lot of New Jersey's MetLife Stadium, home of Super Bowl XLVIII. » 12/19/13 4:17pm 12/19/13 4:17pm

Watch The Largest Bridge Explosion In Texas History In Glorious Slow…

Locals gathered along the shores of Lake Marble Falls in Central Texas this weekend to watch the largest explosive bridge demotion in history. As impressive as it was in person, it's doubtful any of them were able to see the implosion in the detail you're about to see in this amazing HD slow-motion footage shot at… » 3/18/13 10:57am 3/18/13 10:57am

The Best And Most Surreal Photographs From The Power Outage At The…

The power outage tonight in the Superdome created 34 minutes of awkward television and some truly dreamlike sports photography. We've collected the best from the Associated Press and Getty. Top photo by Evan Vucci/AP. » 2/04/13 12:15am 2/04/13 12:15am