Sacramento D.A. Asks For Restraining Order Against Guy Who Threw A Pie At Kevin Johnson

“We’d like him to be let out on his own recognizance,” Sean Thompson’s lawyer Claire White said of her client, who is scheduled to be arraigned on felony assault charges on Tuesday for throwing a pie into the face of disgraced soon-to-be former Sacramento mayor Kevin Johnson. “Mr. Thompson doesn’t pose a threat to the…


High School Football Player Hit With Felony Charge And 69 Counts Of Indecent Exposure For Yearbook Dong-Pic Prank

High school is a time for immaturity, revelry, and doing dumb pranks with your friends. Sometimes these pranks are good and funny, like the one these Ohio teens who fake-delivered a baby on court at a basketball game pulled. Sometimes they’re vicious and mean. Sometimes they’re just stupid, which brings us to the