Man Tells TV Reporter "I Would Love To See My Meat In Your Mouth"

Famed Kansas City burger joint Westport Flea Market has been running a "1985" deal of late to celebrate the Royals' playoff success, and KCTV reporter Courtenay DeHoff dropped by Friday morning for a live shot from the restaurant's kitchen. That's where proprietor Joe Zwillenberg informed DeHoff that "I would loveā€¦ »10/13/14 11:16am10/13/14 11:16am


Rival Soccer Players Know To Expect That Newcastle United's Joey Barton "Will Come In Your Face"

If your tongue absolutely, positively must slip during a sports interview, why not sound as if you're talking sexually when, in fact, you're talking about a rival's tenacity on the English Premier League pitch? This is what happened to Fulham's Philippe Senderos when asked about Newcastle United's Joey Barton. »8/24/11 10:00pm8/24/11 10:00pm