Middle School Football Player Dies After Being Bitten By Ants

Last Wednesday, 13-year-old Cameron Espinosa huddled up with his teammates at halftime. Suddenly, said a school district official, he began screaming "Ants! Ants!" His coach told him to wash off the bites with a water bottle, and Espinosa eventually collapsed and was taken to the hospital. On Monday, he died.

As… »9/18/13 2:36pm9/18/13 2:36pm


Tennis Player Stung By Wasp Right On The Backside

Florida: it's a horrible place. When Lauren Davis met Alize Cornet in the Sony Open at Key Biscayne on Sunday, the temperature was in the 90s with a solid wall of humidity. Both players were failing by the second set, and both players left the court in wheelchairs after Cornet's 2-6, 6-3, 6-2 victory. And, yes, a wasp… »3/26/13 10:07am3/26/13 10:07am

Today's Diamondbacks-Rockies Game Was Delayed Due To Bees. Lots Of Bees. [UPDATE]

A swarm of bees delayed today's Arizona-Colorado game in Denver for several minutes during the top of the fifth inning, as the mass of winged insects invaded the first base line and Rockies' dugout before eventually gathering near a photographers' well on the the right field line. »5/17/12 5:25pm5/17/12 5:25pm

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