11 Sports GIFs That Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity

With terrorist attacks in the U.S. and France, a man throwing his five-year-old daughter off a bridge to her death, and more alleged Bill Cosby victims, it's tough to have a positive outlook on the world at large. As a public service, then, we searched to find eleven GIFs that will restore your faith in humanity.… »1/08/15 1:30pm1/08/15 1:30pm


Which NFL Team Has The Most Game-Ending Turnovers In The Last Decade?

You can take the Romo out of the Cowboys, but, well, you know how this goes. Sunday night, Kyle Orton threw a game-ending interception to Eagles defensive back Brandon Boykin with 1:49 remaining, and effectively ended the Cowboys' season. It's become something of a ritual for Cowboys fans, but have they really had it… »12/31/13 12:42pm12/31/13 12:42pm