Deadspin Classic, Labor Day Edition: Intern Horrors With Barry Bonds

Originally published June 7, 2010. For other dispatches from the wide world of unpaid and lightly paid white collar labor, revisit our Intern Horrors series. » 9/03/12 11:00am 9/03/12 11:00am

Intern Horrors: The One About Rhinoceros Testicles And The Old…

Hello and welcome back to Intern Horrors, the occasional feature wherein browbeaten office lackeys complain about having their brows beaten to various degrees. Today, explosions in close proximity to a stash of rhinoceros testicles, Black Monday, old-man nudity, and more. » 9/13/10 4:40pm 9/13/10 4:40pm

Intern Horrors: The Worst Entourage Subplot Of All Time

Welcome back to Intern Horrors, the weekly feature where interns sound off about horrible bosses and bosses sound off about horrible interns. Today: ice cream runs in Tinseltown, clogging toilets in Vegas, and more. Let's do it to it. Sic'd and sick. » 8/30/10 2:45pm 8/30/10 2:45pm

Intern Horrors: Being Inducted Into The Klan At A Single-A Game

Welcome back to Intern Horrors, and we're back with more stories of boneheadedness and bosses degrading their most under of underlings. Today: unintentional racial insensitivity strikes minor league baseball, naked Don Zimmer, and so much more. Do it to it. » 8/23/10 3:45pm 8/23/10 3:45pm

Intern Horrors: The Republican Party Makes You Puke

Welcome to Intern Horrors, the weekly feature where interns tell their saddest and most embarrassing tales of incompetence or incontinence. Today: the perils of campaign canvassing, wrecking the "Country Cruiser," and The Great Poop Duel Of Several Years Ago. Misdirecting Headline Warning! » 8/02/10 1:30pm 8/02/10 1:30pm

Intern Horrors: An NBA Legend Made Me Trash A Dressing Room

Welcome back to Intern Horrors, the weekly feature wherein the lowest of the workforce low air grievances or have grievances aired against them. This week, dealing with legends, joyriding on a motorized Razr scooter, and working a car to death. » 7/26/10 5:55pm 7/26/10 5:55pm

Intern Horrors: Canadians! Canadians Everywhere! Canadians As Far As…

Welcome to Intern Horrors, the weekly feature wherein interns past and present write in with their tales of low-to-no-pay woe. This week: Canadians! Canadians in publishing, Canadians in finance — you name it, Canadians are interning in that field. » 7/19/10 6:00pm 7/19/10 6:00pm

Intern Horrors: Sexual Harassment Edition

Welcome to Intern Horrors, the weekly feature wherein hard-working kids with good heads on their shoulders try to get a leg up in the working world, and bosses complain about the sadsacks wasting everyone's time for four credit hours at State U. » 7/12/10 6:15pm 7/12/10 6:15pm

Intern Horrors: CSI Isn't That Realistic? Gasp!

Welcome to Intern Horrors, the weekly feature wherein pluck-filled, enthusiastic apprentices describe their first experiences with the soul-crushing reality of 9-to-5 jobs. This week: logging evidence in a crime lab, an overweight voyeur, and a pathological liar. » 7/06/10 4:30pm 7/06/10 4:30pm

Intern Horrors: Destroying A Bathroom At America's Crappiest Newspaper

Welcome to Intern Horrors, the weekly feature wherein interns and the people who exploit them write in to complain about each other (or confess their own sins). This week: befouling USA Today's bathrooms, our most boorish intern yet, and more. » 6/28/10 3:30pm 6/28/10 3:30pm

Intern Horrors: Eating Mike Francesa's Egg Roll Is Not A Euphemism,…

Welcome to Intern Horrors, the weekly feature wherein interns, and the people who use them, shine a light on the worst aspects of internin'. This week: a radio host loses an egg roll, the Pittsburgh Pirates, and a run-in with Warren Sapp. » 6/21/10 4:30pm 6/21/10 4:30pm

Intern Horrors: Joe Buck Edition ... With A Response From Joe Buck

We received an intern horror story this week so delicious that it warranted its own post. Our old pal Joe Buck is involved. So is Joe Buck's sweat-soiled napkin. Allegedly. The story — and Joe's response — after the jump. » 6/15/10 2:00pm 6/15/10 2:00pm

Intern Horrors: "You'll Never Work In This Business Again," The…

Welcome to Intern Horrors, the weekly feature filled with tales of being at the bottom of the totem pole, looking way up or cursing the indentured servants that save you money. Today: mascots behaving badly, office chair shenanigans and more. Sic alert! » 6/14/10 5:30pm 6/14/10 5:30pm

A Former WFAN Staffer Speaks Out Against Bitchy Interns

We seem to have touched a nerve the last time WFAN came up around these parts, including this missive from a former WFAN staffer. Email after the jump. » 6/09/10 11:30am 6/09/10 11:30am

Intern Horrors: Mike Francesa Doesn't Run The Tightest Of Ships

Welcome to Intern Horrors, the weekly feature where interns, and the titans of industry who employ them, bitch about each other's deplorable behavior. This week we have what WFAN's really like, the perils of the music biz, combing through files, and more. » 6/07/10 2:35pm 6/07/10 2:35pm

Intern Horrors: A Reds Broadcaster Does His Best To Ruin Eric Davis…

Welcome back to Intern Horrors, a weekly feature in which interns (and the people who hire them) get to complain. Today, there's a Cincinnati Red showing his true colors (it's envy!), a desk befouled, the depths of desperation, and our first badtern. » 6/01/10 1:30pm 6/01/10 1:30pm

Intern Horrors: A Lengthy Stare-Down With Barry Bonds

Welcome to the inaugural edition of Intern Horrors, a weekly feature in which interns (and the people who hire them) get to complain. Today we have an MLB legend, a cooking accident, poop in a bank, and good old-fashioned menial labor. » 5/24/10 2:50pm 5/24/10 2:50pm

Do You Have An Internship Horror Story? We Want To Hear It

Oh, the joys of being an intern: Calling in lunch orders, mind-numbing filing, licking envelope after envelope. Summer is coming, so chances are some of you readers are embarking on prestigious internships to learn the tricks of your chosen trade. » 5/18/10 10:00am 5/18/10 10:00am