Gregg Doyel: Anger Is A Gift

There's something about columnist Gregg Doyel » 11/25/08 12:15pm 11/25/08 12:15pm that's very appealing, even though his combative nature and his would most often have him seated at the douchey table, he at least comes across as comfortable in his own Affliction T-shirt. Doyle has been on the wrong-end of many Deadspin posts and also…

Sean Salisbury Isn't Angry Anymore

And here we have the second portion of our interview. It's more of the same, but Sean does calm down (somewhat) to emphasize a few things. Even though he sounds enraged when he's telling you "he's not angry." He's wholeheartedly trying not to be, but I get the sense that he could sound enraged when he's ordering a pizza; … » 8/15/08 11:15am 8/15/08 11:15am

Sean Salisbury Has A Lot On His Mind

Sean Salisbury is at a transitional period in his life and talks rapidly — almost haphazardly — about anything that pops into his head. He's overtly defensive at times, and in our almost 2-hour phone conversation yesterday, he went through a deliberate unloading process. It was therapeutic, unhinged, and veered… » 8/14/08 11:00am 8/14/08 11:00am

Kenny Mayne Would Like To Sell You His Finest Meats And Cheeses

Today we unveil a new feature on Deadspin, creatively titled, "Interviews of a Lifetime," where I, A.J. Daulerio, will attempt to interview a person of note in the sports, media,or entertainment community and attempt to learn something newsworthy that could be passed on to you fine readers of the internet. These will… » 4/10/08 2:20pm 4/10/08 2:20pm