Fans Dress In KKK Hoods At A North Dakota High School Hockey Game, Coach Calls It "Pretty Tacky"

And that was the better response from a school administrator. Someone is either very handy with the Photoshop and committed to making North Dakota-area high schoolers look bad, or there are some extreeemely intolerant and/or stupid North Dakota-area high schoolers. From The Grand Forks Herald: »2/23/13 10:45am2/23/13 10:45am


The Iranian Soccer Players Who "Groped" Each Other After Goals Could Face Public Lashings On The Pitch

On Saturday, Persepolis F.C., a soccer club based in Tehran, scored a goal against Damash Gilan. After the goal, the players gathered to celebrate, as players will do. One of the players, Mohammad Nosrati, sorta stuck his hand in the ass-balls region of one of his teammates, Sheys Rezaei, as players will also do,… »11/03/11 4:25pm11/03/11 4:25pm