Anti-Doping Agency Says Kenya Is In The Midst Of A Doping Crisis; No One Cares

The run-up to this summer’s Olympics in Rio have been a disaster, between the prevalence of the Zika virus, Brazil’s political upheaval, and deadly problems with Rio’s Olympic infrastructure. It doesn’t help matters that the World Anti Doping Agency (WADA) is in the midst of a meltdown, with all manner of shoddy…

IOC Lets Athletes And Sponsors Market During The Olympics, As Long As They Say Nothing About The Olympics

Brigham Young University professor of statistics Jared Ward finished third in February’s US Olympic Trials Marathon, filling the final spot on the Rio-bound marathon team. The married father of two is almost unknown outside the competitive running community, but has been successful enough in the last year to attract…

Why Would Any Country Want to Host International Sporting Events?

There should be a sense of pride and revelry overtaking the nation of Brazil, where the World Cup starts today. Yet residents in cities across the country are protesting with transit strikes and tent occupations, hoping to draw attention to the extreme costs and unfinished facilities stunting the sluggish economy.

The IOC Is Ruining the Olympics, But Rio Could Save Them

The International Olympic Committee is having a bad month. No one wants to host the 2022 Olympics. The organization's obnoxious public haranguing has turned Rio into a media circus. Its World Cup counterpart, FiFA, is being investigated for insane bribery allegations. And ultimately, the IOC has got no one to blame…