Is This the End of the Era of the Important, Inappropriate Literary Man? 

In public, everyone says that Thomas Sayers Ellis, 52, formerly of Case Western and Sarah Lawrence, a visiting professor at the Iowa Writers Workshop this semester, is brilliant. Even the people who find him off-putting and unprofessional tend to agree. He’s charismatic and surprising, a protest poet, a real…


High School Basketball Team Holds The Ball Through Overtime, Wins On A Buzzer-Beater

‘Tis the season for buzzer-beaters. Yesterday, there was that insane three-quarter-court dagger from UConn’s Jalen Adams to force a fourth overtime, Buddy Hield’s half-courter coming just a hair too late, and Utah sending it to overtime against Cal after Lorenzo Bonam ran through their entire defense in three seconds.

Rumor: Heidi Cruz Is So Repulsed by Iowans She Has to Shower Multiple Times a Day

In preparation for tonight’s caucuses, Ted Cruz has spent nearly three-quarters of the past month campaigning in Iowa. That means his darling wife, Heidi Cruz, has also had to spend a lot of time in Iowa. And according to a source familiar with the Cruz family, Iowa is Heidi Cruz’s own living hell.

Powerball Winners Will Fund New High School Football Stadium Only If The Visitors' Locker Room Is Painted Pink

When you win a $200 million-plus lottery, you can pretty much screw with people however you want, especially if you're willing to pony up for something they really want or need. Take Brian and Mary Lohse, who won a Powerball jackpot some three months ago and finally decided they would make a hefty $3 million donation…