Iranian Olympian Comes Down With Mysterious Infection To Avoid Facing An Israeli

For 33 years, Iranian athletes have forfeited or withdrawn to avoid matching up against Israeli athletes in international competition. It was all supposed to change in London. Earlier this week, Bahram Afsharzadeh, the head of Iran's Olympic committee, said "we will be truthful to sport. We just follow the… »7/27/12 6:20pm7/27/12 6:20pm

Iranian Cartoonist Gets 25 Lashes For Drawing Politician As Soccer Player

Cartoonist Mahmoud Shokraiyeh drew a member of the Iranian parliament wearing a soccer jersey, and so now he's now going to be lashed 25 times because this is Iran we're talking about and some of their provincial judges and politicians don't look too kindly on things like artistic expression and, I guess, how that… »5/10/12 1:10pm5/10/12 1:10pm

The Iranian Soccer Players Who "Groped" Each Other After Goals Could Face Public Lashings On The Pitch

On Saturday, Persepolis F.C., a soccer club based in Tehran, scored a goal against Damash Gilan. After the goal, the players gathered to celebrate, as players will do. One of the players, Mohammad Nosrati, sorta stuck his hand in the ass-balls region of one of his teammates, Sheys Rezaei, as players will also do,… »11/03/11 4:25pm11/03/11 4:25pm

Is The London Olympic Logo A Zionist Conspiracy, Or Is It Just Lisa Simpson Giving Bart A Blowjob?

There are two dominant conspiracies behind the London Olympics logo, which, if you ask Iranians and Simpsons enthusiasts, is trying suspiciously hard to be just ugly blocky numbers spelling out the year "2012." The Lisa Simpson and "Zion" theories, as well as a swastika interpretation, emerged when the logo was… »2/28/11 6:30pm2/28/11 6:30pm

Iranian National Team To Play Utah Jazz. I See No Way This Can End Badly

Before it heads over to Beijing to compete in Olympic basketball competition, the Iranian national squad will play a series of exhibition games against NBA summer league teams at Salt Lake Community College. The Islamic Republic of Iran playing in Utah; kind of makes that North Carolina-Duke rivalry seem childish. »7/10/08 9:00am7/10/08 9:00am