Jim Knox Interviews Two Random Irishmen; There Is Cursing Involved

It’s time again to check in on our favorite Rangers baseball reporter, Jim Knox. Tonight Knoxie spoke with a pair of Irish lads attending their first baseball game. They didn’t know much about the sport, but the duo did pledge to buy “every person here a good frosty fuckin’ pint of Guinness” if the Rangers made the… »7/06/15 12:24am7/06/15 12:24am


Irish Comedy Show Pokes Fun At Brazil-Netherlands Match With "Highlight"

Après Match is a comedy show on Irish station RTÉ that mocks various soccer commentators from Ireland and Great Britain. (Here's more of their stuff; it's amusing!) Yesterday, the crew found their "Great Dutch Play" from the third-place World Cup match between Brazil and the Netherlands, and the highlight got… »7/13/14 2:04pm7/13/14 2:04pm

Medics Tend To Injured Rugby Player As Match Continues Around Them

This is a bizarre scene from the Ireland-Italy match in the Six Nations Championship. Ireland's inside centre, Gordon D'Arcy, went down with an apparent leg injury and play continued around him as he remained on the ground. Eventually medics showed up to tend to him, but the action never really left the area so play… »3/08/14 1:51pm3/08/14 1:51pm

Irish Slider Falls Off Skeleton Sled, Climbs Back On, Finishes Run

We've seen this in luge before, but it's another thing entirely when you're headed down the Sanki Sliding Centre headfirst. Here's Irish skeletoner Sean Greenwood recovering from almost certain disaster—and inevitable serious injury, given he was going nearly 75 mph—to finish his run and avoid disqualification from… »2/14/14 10:02am2/14/14 10:02am

We’ve Translated This Apoplectic Irish Soccer Fan's Rant For Those Not Fluent In Crazy-Speak

A few weeks ago, Juventus defeated Celtic 3-0 in Champions League play. Soon after, this video of a mildly distressed Celtic fan appeared on the internet. We do not know who this young woman is, and we do not have any idea what she is saying in this video, but we do know that her grief is very real and also very loud. »2/25/13 2:50pm2/25/13 2:50pm

If This Play Is Any Indication, We Should All Start Watching Rugby

Rugby isn't just ruptured testicles (though we'd probably pay more attention to it if it was): It's a game of heart, toughness, crafty play under pressure and occasional improvisational brilliance. This, a score by Ireland in its match against Wales earlier today, is the best rugby play we have ever seen. It's also… »2/02/13 12:45pm2/02/13 12:45pm

Hurling Is A Sport, And Here's A Hurler Hurting Other Hurlers With His Hurley

This happened more than a week ago, but it slipped our attention, because hurling. That's right: hurling. It's an ancient Gaelic game that isn't quite lacrosse, isn't quite soccer, and isn't quite baseball. I'm not going to pretend I understand the rules, but I can tell you the video above is from the Galway Senior… »11/27/12 3:15pm11/27/12 3:15pm

Thousands Of Irish Soccer Fans Sing Their Team Off After A Crushing Defeat

Ireland got thrashed by Spain today, 4-0, in the second match of the group stage, but the loyal Irish faithful that flew into Gdansk for the match nonetheless sang their team off the pitch with a rousing rendition of "The Fields of Athenry" in the waning moments. It's basically like a couple thousand Boston fans … »6/14/12 8:25pm6/14/12 8:25pm

Some Irish Soccer Hooligans Just Couldn't Hold In Their Excitement

Every year, soccer clubs from Ireland and Northern Ireland meet in the Setanta Cup tournament to battle for local football supremacy. Sligo, the Irish side, won a 2-0 decision over Northern Ireland's Glentoran on Monday night, but the trouble started when the Glentoran fans headed back to their tour buses that had… »3/08/12 1:00am3/08/12 1:00am

Elderly Irish Horse Trainer To TV Reporter On His First Big Win: "I'll Have Fuckin' Sex Tonight And Everything"

From the Emerald Isle we bring you this clip of trainer Peter Casey—who looks and sounds exactly like you'd imagine an old Irish horse trainer to look and sound—after the Frank Ward Solicitors Arkle Novice Chase at Leopardstown which his seven-year-old Flemenstar won handily by 19 lengths. »1/29/12 1:45pm1/29/12 1:45pm

Rihanna's Bikini Top Offends Northern Ireland Farmer In Quaintest Dispute Ever

Well, this is adorable, and certainly newsworthy: Rihanna, who has probably worn a bikini top for ninety percent of her adult life, recently had "a conversation" with a Northern Ireland farmer named Alan Graham to discuss her wardrobe. As a result of the conversation, Rihanna will probably not wear bikini tops… »9/27/11 11:30am9/27/11 11:30am

Mick McCarthy's Secret To Successfully Managing A Soccer Team: Handshakes

Wolverhampton manager Mick McCarthy has finally revealed the secret to his immense success. Every morning, McCarthy greets his players by firmly pressing his palm meat against their palm meat, curling his fingers around their fingers and ecstatically pumping his hand inside theirs. Over and over. Until the whole team… »7/13/11 2:35pm7/13/11 2:35pm