Here's Cristiano Ronaldo Butt-Ass Naked On The Cover of Vogue España

It's World Cup time, which means that every single magazine and newspaper on this beautiful earth of ours, maybe, will be trying to somehow incorporate soccer onto its covers. Vogue España is no different and this year, they featured Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo with his model ladyfriend Irina Shayk. And, yep,… »5/19/14 11:45am5/19/14 11:45am

Sadly, This Great Picture Of Ronaldo Stealing Messi's Girl Is Fake

Cristiano Ronaldo won his second Ballon d'Or yesterday, awarded to the year's best soccer player. He beat out Lionel Messi, who had won it four years in a row. Ronaldo's win was expected (though neither he nor Messi had each other in their top three), so the highlight of the gala was the above photo that made the… »1/14/14 9:34am1/14/14 9:34am

Extremely In-Depth Profiles In Courage: Nereida Gallardo & Irina Shayk (A.K.A. Cristiano Ronaldo's Girlfriends)

Up there you have two women, Nereida Gallardo and Irina Shayk, who are allegedly Cristiano Rondaldo's girlfriend. They aren't being blamed for anything (yet) but there are two of them! What do we really know about them? Let's break it down and compare the two. »6/22/10 5:30pm6/22/10 5:30pm