MMA Fighter Throws Hadouken At Opponent, Then Beats Him Up

There are so, so few opportunities to throw a hadouken unironically. "During an MMA fight" is one of the preciously rare moments to channel your inner Ryu and feel like a total badass—as long as you're actually in the fight. Shane Campbell saw such a window during a recent bout with Derek Boyle. »2/13/15 4:25pm2/13/15 4:25pm

Video Of Milka Duno Towel-Snapping Danica Patrick, After 60 Long Minutes, Finally Surfaces

I was ready to move on from this particular story thinking there was no footage of this argument, and eventually concluding it was a lame altercation to begin with. But as the FanIQ headline says, "It's Just as Awesome as We Thought." Crystal clear audio. A towel snap. And a predominantly male pit crew doing… »7/20/08 2:20pm7/20/08 2:20pm