Watch The Auburn Band React Like Champions To The Iron Bowl Miracle

The unfuckingbelievable Iron Bowl happened nearly two months ago, but we feel compelled to share this video with you. Besides, you can never spend too much time thinking about that damn game. Here we see the Auburn band reacting as Chris Davis's insane, last-second field goal return unfolded before their eyes. »1/21/14 2:43pm1/21/14 2:43pm


The Game-Tying And Game-Winning Auburn Touchdowns In A Wild Iron Bowl

Auburn began the drive on its own 35 with 2:15 left in the game, down seven. Six consecutive rushes from Tre Mason later and the Tigers were Alabama 39 with 32 seconds left. On first down, Nick Marshall looked to pass it to Mason for a seventh consecutive time but tucked it back inside, rolled to the side line and… »11/30/13 7:22pm11/30/13 7:22pm

Saturday's Iron Bowl Gets The Wacko Taiwanese Animation Treatment

The Taiwanese studio Next Media Animation, which will animate pretty much anything nowadays, have offered their calculatingly bizarre take on this weekend's Auburn-Alabama rivalry game. Come for the players attacking a giant panda, stay for the Toomer's Corner oaks being destroyed (again) by urine and nuclear waste. »11/29/13 2:50pm11/29/13 2:50pm