Jarell Martin Pulls Off In-Game East Bay Funk Dunk 

You won't be faulted for thinking that you're watching a dunk contest here, but Jarell Martin managed to unleash this between-the-legs dunk during LSU's game against Florida today. As a native son of Oakland, I will always call this the East Bay Funk Dunk, so memorably coined by Isaiah "JR" Rider as he won the 1994… » 2/21/15 2:21pm 2/21/15 2:21pm

Look At This Fucking Hoopster: "Isaiah Rider" And "Tyson Chandler" Hang…

An occasional feature in which we spotlight the ridiculous trend of recontextualized basketball jerseys. Today: Isaiah "Don't Call Me J.R." Rider and Tyson Chandler. » 8/26/10 7:00pm 8/26/10 7:00pm

Isaiah Rider Accused Of Kidnapping. Again.

After three police incidents in the span of five days, former NBA-er Isaiah "J.R." Rider knew he'd have to take his game to another level if he wanted to stay on top. Kidnapping an infant should do the trick. » 4/14/10 11:30am 4/14/10 11:30am

Isaiah Rider Continues Excelling On Fast Track To Life Imprisonment

Former UNLV great and NBA troublemaker Isaiah (nee J.R.) Rider is back in trouble with the man THE MAN again, after he skipped out on his arraignment hearing , according to TMZ. Rider was supposed to report to court to deal with this whole mess, but missed it for reasons unknown at this time. (My guess: alarm on… » 4/28/08 4:40pm 4/28/08 4:40pm

The Sad, Troubled Times of J.R. Rider

If Ron Artest is serious about rehabilitating his image with the Sacramento Kings, then he got a boost on Thursday — Isaiah Rider is back in the news. Artest has had his problems, sure. But next to Rider, Artest is Ned Flanders. » 1/27/06 11:30am 1/27/06 11:30am