Israeli Cricket Umpire Dies After Deflected Ball Strikes His Chest

An Israeli cricket umpire has died after a ball came off a batsman's bat, hit the wicket, and then struck him in the chest and neck region, according to Haaretz. The amateur league umpire—Israel has no professional cricket league—was in the proper position behind the wicket, but unlike in baseball, cricket umpires… »11/29/14 4:05pm11/29/14 4:05pm

Israeli Soccer Brawl Cancels Match, Continues Next Day At Courthouse

Yesterday's Tel Aviv Derby between Hapoel and Maccabi was called off late in the first half as fans rushed the pitch. But that wasn't enough; supporters of the two sides met up again this morning at a court hearing for those arrested yesterday, and began brawling again. People are fucking nuts. »11/04/14 10:26am11/04/14 10:26am

Israel's War Against Hamas Is Justified, Says Cleveland Cavaliers Coach

We will direct you to this David Blatt interview with Israeli newspaper Globes and then back slowly away from the computer. In it, Blatt, the Cleveland Cavaliers' new head coach—and an American Jewish Israeli who once did us the great service of pissing off Coach K—talks about the current wave of fighting in Gaza… »8/03/14 7:47pm8/03/14 7:47pm

UEFA Emergency Panel: Russian And Ukrainian Teams Can't Play Each Other

Part of the job of being a governing body for international competition is dealing with the occasional geopolitical nightmare, and deciding how to keep teams from two countries essentially at war from turning a game into a battle. UEFA is nipping that shit in the bud right now, before tomorrow's Champions League draw… »7/17/14 4:11pm7/17/14 4:11pm

Bigoted Israeli Soccer Fans Walk Out After Muslim Player Scores For Their Team

Beitar Jersualem, one of Israel's most popular soccer teams, added two non-Israeli players to its roster this year. Zaur Sadayev and Dzhabrail Kadiyev are both Chechan Muslims and are two of the five non-Israeli players to have ever suited up for Beitar throughout the team's existence. Unsurprisingly, a right-wing… »3/05/13 1:45pm3/05/13 1:45pm

Iranian Olympian Comes Down With Mysterious Infection To Avoid Facing An Israeli

For 33 years, Iranian athletes have forfeited or withdrawn to avoid matching up against Israeli athletes in international competition. It was all supposed to change in London. Earlier this week, Bahram Afsharzadeh, the head of Iran's Olympic committee, said "we will be truthful to sport. We just follow the… »7/27/12 6:20pm7/27/12 6:20pm

The IOC Won't Recognize The 40th Anniversary Of The Munich Massacre, So Bob Costas Will

This slipped under the radar a bit this weekend, but NBC Olympics host Bob Costas told The Hollywood Reporter that he plans to acknowledge the 40th anniversary of the Munich Olympic massacre with a minute of silence as the Israeli national team enters Olympic Stadium during Friday's Opening Ceremony. »7/23/12 12:40pm7/23/12 12:40pm

Cat Gets Loose During Basketball Game, Evades Dog Mascot

Israel is full of stray cats, so pure numbers say it was a matter of time before one of them ended up on the court during a Maccabi Tel Aviv game. The cat panicked, unable to handle the transition game and the slippery floor, and was set upon by Donny the Dog, Maccabi's mascot. Kitty escaped, though; it's a Warner… »3/27/12 4:50pm3/27/12 4:50pm